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The online conference ŠperkStret 2018 entitled “Aura of Preciousness” will be held in parallel with the main conference organized every two years by the Jewellers´ Association AURA together with the Studio s + m + l _XL – Metal and Jewel, Department of Applied Art of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, Slovakia. The aim of the online conference is to establish an interdisciplinary dialogue.
The evaluation of gold as a material, the most precious shiny metal, the symbol of immense, eternity and perfection also offers ways of analyzing socio-cultural contexts through a prism of various humane and socially oriented disciplines leading to basal processes of human perception and reasoning. Gold is attractive for people who create different artifacts from it, as well as for those who think, interpret and evaluate it. Gold accompanies the whole history of human culture, both tangible and intangible and it sets society a mirror of values and the meaning of life. An aura of preciousness emits around it, there is an invisible layer that surrounds it and we perceive it to the extent we are capable of at that point.

Thematic range of Online Conference:

Gold in tangible and intangible cultural heritage:

* Collections, treasures, gold artifacts, traditions, myths, rituals, meaning, value

* Gold in Contemporary Art and Design

* Gold as symbol, metaphor

* Human fascination with gold – gathering, desire to own, fetish

* Gold in the prism of Humanities and Social Sciences


Online Conference in dates:

  • Application form: 23.9. 2018
  • Submission of article proposals: 24.9. – 31.10. 2018
  • Publication of the articles: 31.10. 2018

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